Emotions are signals

Emotions can often be a tricky topic. Especially in a world that appears to place greater importance on thinking, facts, logic and reasoning.  Instead of suppressing or controlling emotions, how about considering what they might tell us? Because emotions can really be great points of insight and leverage for change.…

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Power in practice

Did you know, a key to my micro-rests training is that doing something repeatedly in short bursts, provides quick gains and long-term improvements? Because neurons that fire together wire together. And when we do this, we access those pathways more easily and quickly, especially when we need it most. So I was…

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The courage to step in

Last week, while chatting to a dear friend, I was reminded about a big courageous moment early in my career. And the life-changing sort, that teaches you what's possible when you somehow shut off the noise, step in and have a go. I wanted to be comfortable standing up and presenting…

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Bumps and lumps

These mandarins may not look pretty. In fact, they were the ugliest bunch at the market. The fruit guy had to put a tray out with a sign saying ‘try me, I’m tasty and sweet’. Many walked by. Not I. I noticed I’d never seen this variety at the market.…

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Navigating towards

So. Do you know anyone who’s climbed a mountain. And not just any mountain. How about a bloody big one like Mt Everest? Often people don’t. I know I haven’t. And maybe, like me, you can remember that feeling when you hear these inspiring stories about people who have. One…

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New year, new shoes!

So with a new year here ... who's ready to dance? Well, when I bought these Converse, I was all ready to get rocking and rolling. Then, as I was talking down my street, I hit a snag. "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Dammit! OUCH!" Yep. You may have guessed it or…

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