Bumps and lumps

These mandarins may not look pretty. In fact, they were the ugliest bunch at the market. The fruit guy had to put a tray out with a sign saying ‘try me, I’m tasty and sweet’. Many walked by. Not I.

I noticed I’d never seen this variety at the market. So I gave it a go. Popped a couple in my mouth and … well, YUMMO! DELISH! I’LL TAKE A KILO.

Taking a punt and trying something new doesn’t always pay off the way you’d like (as my Durian sponge cake eating moment proved… and that’s a whole other story for another time!). But it’s an experience that will offer you something.

Expanding what you know, moving beyond thoughts, looks and judgment can opens up new opportunities. And sometimes, it is also rather sweet and delicious!

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  1. Helen Palmer

    Thanks for the inspiration. A great reminder not to “judge a book by it’s cover”.

    1. Dani

      There is a beautiful phrase yogis often use when meeting someone – “Hari Om”. It meens “I see you. Not just your physical appearance or the words you are saying, or what you are doing right now. But instead, as much more. As consciousness. When I meet people with this welcome … gee it feels totally different. Quite a powerful intention to try on some time.

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