Navigating towards

So. Do you know anyone who’s climbed a mountain. And not just any mountain. How about a bloody big one like Mt Everest?

Often people don’t. I know I haven’t. And maybe, like me, you can remember that feeling when you hear these inspiring stories about people who have. One thing I notice seeing in the media, is the headline or the photo focusing on the point where our intrepid travellers are basking in the glory. Standing on the summit along with their flag planted in the ground and fists pumping the sky. And somehow in that moment, you forget or don’t even know all the bits about the tales of getting there and back, and the days, weeks and months after.

Imagine for a moment, what happens when we move from pinpoint focus to expanding our lens wider, up and out. What do we find?

Well, many things you may say. For starters, here’s one. For some this is going to be an ‘OMG BLOW MY MIND’ fact, and for others, perhaps ‘ohhh yeah, duh’ slow nod kind of feeling. We often miss out on the interesting facts that these people get there with a Sherpa, support crew, training and practice. Practice that meant climbing smaller mountains, and perhaps at the very beginning, starting with little hills!

Yes that’s right they started. Somewhere with something or someone. And through this they learned and they grew.

So where would you like to start today?

Who’s your Sherpa? And what little steps and actions that you’ve done to date allow you to recognise just how much you’ve grown … and how would you like to grow now.