Timely reminders and the magic of starting

This was the message that caught my eye on the day I was wondering should I set up a new business.

I was in the Mary Martin Bookshop in Melbourne, having a wander because I just love stories. Especially books! (And even though I took a while to coming round to reading books. I was a little slow at it. As a kid I preferred writing them or playing it all out in the backyard!) Books are this $30 investment that supercharges you. Takes you on a journey and makes you feel and imagine all sorts of experiences and realities.

So back to the bookstore. I turn my head and see this message. Subtle yet it also a bit like a cheeky slap! Wake up! Get on with it! And so I had a good chuckle and took this snap to remind myself: “Dani, get on with it! You’re ready!”

And in a month, it was set up. With mixed squeals of excitement, shit-scared laughter and head-down-tail-up action!

Some things are here to give you a nudge … or a shove!

Are you paying attention?