New year, new shoes!

So with a new year here … who’s ready to dance?

Well, when I bought these Converse, I was all ready to get rocking and rolling. Then, as I was talking down my street, I hit a snag. “OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Dammit! OUCH!”

Yep. You may have guessed it or known even before I did. Blister City. I was so sure this wouldn’t happen with these sneakers. But they were a bit big and so the rubbing kicked in pretty quickly.

Thankfully, a few tweaks – insoles, bandaids. A few wears. Now broken in. And a bit of brightness and lightness to colour my travels. In fact, anyone can see these miles away!

So are you ready to boogie on down the road this year?

What are you doing differently?

How will you lighten and brighten your dance floor?