Power in practice

Did you know, a key to my micro-rests training is that doing something repeatedly in short bursts, provides quick gains and long-term improvements?
Because neurons that fire together wire together. And when we do this, we access those pathways more easily and quickly, especially when we need it most.
So I was pleasantly delighted to learn how this applies to cultivating wellbeing and resilience.
I’ve been studying the Foundations of Positive Psychology, and research showed that one action, done repeatedly for a month, decreased depression and increased life satisfaction.
Here it is, it’s simple, based in science and connected with habit forming:

  • List three things that went well today and why
  • Do it every night, before you go do bed
  • Do it for ONE MONTH.

You don’t need to find ground-breaking achievements or extraordinary events. Simple things work too, like having a tasty roll at lunch, noticing a lovely flower down the road, enjoying some sunshine, or chatting with a friend who made you smile or chuckle when you heard their voice.

Curious to give it a go? Now. Yes that’s right. Do it and notice the difference, how you shift.

Ok, how about trialling this for just two weeks? See what happens and how you enjoy it. And then, of course, you can keep going 😀   
Now, there’s a kicker to this …
I had to share my ‘went wells and whys’ in an online group. And I noticed a significant, instant impact. Learning about other people’s ‘went wells and whys’ gave me an added boost. It also expanded my radar for what to look out for in my own life.
So, this is a valuable practice to do with others. Think perspective, connection and momentum.
Consider creating a challenge with workmates, family, or even a few friends on WhatsApp.
Or pick a pal and buddy-up on this for a month.
The opportunities are endless, and the key is to make it a daily, doable practice.
Can’t wait to hear from you on this!