Programs and services that support
change, performance and wellbeing

I support leaders and teams in organisations improve how they go about change, connection and creating sustainable performance and wellbeing that goes beyond outdated ideas of resilience.

Some ways I can do this, include:

  • Coaching for sustainable, supportive personal performance energy
  • Tapping into our powerful connection between mindset and heartset
  • Moving more effectively with the dynamics of motivation, stress and performance 
  • Improving wellbeing and mental performance for change, project teams, consultants and their clients 
  • Building beyond resilience and managing stress and difficult behaviours for teams that are customer facing
  • Connecting teams with personal and shared mental, emotional and physical health priorities
  • Change readiness, checkpoints and insight reviews using systemic and human centred design methods
  • Understanding and leveraging the emotional side of change.

Importantly, I know what it’s like to work in high delivery, deadline-driven environments, on project teams, and on change transformation programs – from the front line supporting customers and clients, to the intensity of consulting, change and project work. And through it all, I’ve deeply valued my investment in, and conscious awareness of, my wellbeing. How making it a priority has a positive impact on my performance, health, attitude, capacity and relationships. 

So what do others reckon?

It may not sound like the most exciting news you’ve heard today, but clients value my ability to focus on practical outcomes, breath in vitality and fresh perspectives, and understand the commercial both personal contexts we live in. And also, they often say they trust my openness, positivity and ability to listen. And a good laugh with a dose of thoughtfulness goes a long way. 

Why not find out a little more … give me a call.

Dani Sirotic
creating energy for change!


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Consider micro-resets sessions for your employees, team or leaders

  • Learn simple and quick techniques
  • Reduce stress, overload and overwhelm
  • Bring in calm, focus or energy

Micro-resets are quick, simple techniques that we can do repeatedly through the day, anywhere or anytime, to improve how we think, feel, decide, act or respond.

We share some techniques that help us quickly reset, refresh or reconnect our brain, body and nervous system – so it’s working better for us.

All techniques take less than five minutes and are easy to do

Everyone walks away energised, with a mini-kit of in-the-moment ways to manage or reduce stress, frustration or overload,  that change behaviours fast, and improve focus, calm, connection, communication, thinking and performance.

Contact Dani to talk about delivering a session for your people.

“I loved it! A wall of positivity”

“The hand tracer has changed my life!”

“Just what we needed, who knew I could change things so fast.”

“I am feeling so much more calmer and clearer than when I jumped on the session. The techniques that Dani teachers are simple yet very effective. I can see how I can implement them into my daily routine to be more calmer, present and focused in my daily life”


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