How to make the most of your day!

TOP TIPS by Dani Sirotic and Samantha Garrett

It’s convo-style, so grab a short break and soak up some inspiration. 

1: Boost your energy and focus

2: Free up space in your brain

3: Lift your sense of achievement

4. Navigate setbacks 

5. Clear mental blocks

Join us

Bring your best back, when you’re outa whack

13 OCT 2022 | 5pm AEST | 7pm NZST

Come join us and learn how to bring calm, focus and energy to you fast, in the moment. 

All possible when you can reset, refresh and reconnect your brain, body and nervous system – so it’s working better for you! 

Everyone walks away energised, with a mini-kit of how to better manage or reduce stress, frustration or overload in the moment 

and improve our focus, calm, communication, thinking and resourcefulness.

And it can happen in minutes!

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