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Dani is an excellent coach and healer. I went into a session with her with a limited view of what I wanted to work on. She immediately made me comfortable by talking through the process and continually checking in as the session progressed. Through her expertise we unearthed some long term challenges that, I wasn’t even aware, were limiting my potential. I left the session feeling renewed, powerful and clear.  


A moment with Dani drops me down into a space that’s invaluable, so much peace and opportunity opened up both during, and months after this gentle sessions together. I notice the deep understanding and wisdom Dani provides makes a difference on so many levels throughout my life, my relationships and my business. Thank you, Dani, for providing a compassionate space for me to journey into wellness, wealth and happiness. 


Dani helped me lock in a strong mindset to keep me within bounds of weight / health management and objectives. She did this by guiding me to identify and set the boundaries of my will power. And having my body understand this in a very cool and powerful way! Thanks Dani 😀


Dani is someone who I respect and trust for her knowledge, experience and perspective. She has supported me, on many occasions, to be vulnerable and explore then rethink my story.

Through her coaching and guided meditations, she is courageous, non-judgmental and gently challenges assumptions.  It enables me to refocus on what’s really important and reset boundaries in both my personal and professional life.


Thank you so much for your time to help me refocus and adjust my mindset to tackle these exams. I felt reinvigorated after the session and I’m going to kick the arse of these exams!


I just attended a micro-reset session with Dani. As I write this I am feeling so much more calmer and clearer than when I jumped on the session. The techniques that Dani teachers are simple yet very effective. I can see how I can implement them into my daily routine to be more calmer, present and focused in my daily life. Thank you so much Dani x

Lou Lou

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