The courage to step in

Last week, while chatting to a dear friend, I was reminded about a big courageous moment early in my career. And the life-changing sort, that teaches you what's possible when you somehow shut off the noise, step in and have a go. I wanted to be comfortable standing up and presenting…

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The power of changing our words

My colleague Helen asked me to share a story on self-care. She leads Self UnLimited, a brilliant organisation reshaping our identity and possibilities around our relationships with work and value. So given the current times, I'm sharing this here too. It's a bit longer than my usual posts. And there's…

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Bumps and lumps

These mandarins may not look pretty. In fact, they were the ugliest bunch at the market. The fruit guy had to put a tray out with a sign saying ‘try me, I’m tasty and sweet’. Many walked by. Not I. I noticed I’d never seen this variety at the market.…

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Navigating towards

So. Do you know anyone who’s climbed a mountain. And not just any mountain. How about a bloody big one like Mt Everest? Often people don’t. I know I haven’t. And maybe, like me, you can remember that feeling when you hear these inspiring stories about people who have. One…

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Timely reminders and the magic of starting

This was the message that caught my eye on the day I was wondering should I set up a new business. I was in the Mary Martin Bookshop in Melbourne, having a wander because I just love stories. Especially books! (And even though I took a while to coming round…

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New year, new shoes!

So with a new year here ... who's ready to dance? Well, when I bought these Converse, I was all ready to get rocking and rolling. Then, as I was talking down my street, I hit a snag. "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Dammit! OUCH!" Yep. You may have guessed it or…

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